Ongoing legal counsel to corporations, high-tech and biotech companies as well as public agencies. The firm specializes in legal planning and establishment of corporate structures, drafting shareholder agreements, drafting employee stock option plans, founders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise and license agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, legal guidance to boards of directors, finding investors and drafting investment agreements, as well as assisting in securing capital through the R&D Law.​




te law​

Local Business Department​

The firm’s local commercial practice provides ongoing legal counsel to the firm’s clients regarding their day-to-day commercial activity in the following fields. 


Moshe Goldberg & Co. provides a full range of intellectual property counseling services to high-tech and biotech companies, covering protection of commercial secrets, registration and maintenance of trademarks, copyrights, license agreements, knowledge agreements, franchise agreements, prevention of unfair competition and restriction of freedom of occupation.​


Intellectual property law​

We have extensive experience providing legal support to local authorities and clients in the private sector that provide services to public agencies, both in Israel and overseas - particularly in the US - including preparing local and international tenders, consulting infrastructure companies and construction companies on tender processes in the public sector, consulting on tenders issued by the US government and government agencies, consulting to tender committees and other statutory committees, legal representation in the Administrative Court system and the Supreme Court, and ongoing legal guidance on all aspects of municipal law.​


Administrative law​

Moshe Goldberg & Co. is highly versed in advising and representing employers, employee organizations and individual employees, including on matters related to litigation in the Labor Courts, collective labor disputes, drafting of individual and collective labor agreements, and employment agreements, employee discipline, employment of foreign workers and implementation of recovery plans at local authorities.



Labor law​

Our environmental practice advises clients on projects in the fields of waste, recycling, water and sewage, including preparing international tenders for the construction of waste treatment and recycling facilities, and providing legal defense for companies accused of violating environmental protection laws.​


Environmental law​

Moshe Goldberg & Co. has extensive experience guiding commercial and community managers of traditional kibbutzim and new kibbutzim, commercial ventures on kibbutzim, registering housing in the name of kibbutz members or kibbutz association, implementation of decisions by the Israel Lands Council on kibbutzim, arrangement of noncompliant use.

The firm also regularly provides legal counsel to cooperatives, litigation and arbitration management according to the Arbitration Law and the Cooperative Ordinance, on issues related to membership in the cooperative, assets, debts to the cooperative, questions related to bylaws and more.


Kibbutzim and cooperatives​

Moshe Goldberg & Co. applies its substantial experience to counsel its clients on large real estate projects, negotiations and drafting all types of real estate agreements (sale/purchase agreements, rentals, land sharing, dissolution of land sharing, construction agreements, option agreements, combination, registration of cooperative houses, and more), tax consulting for sellers and buyers in real estate transactions, guidance and consulting to developers/contractors regarding TAMA 38 and urban renewal. Handling kibbutzim and legal counsel for real estate projects in the kibbutz sector.​



estate law​

Our firm provides legal guidance on preparation of town plans, consolidation and distribution plans, balance tables and registration of parcelization. Representation in property devaluation lawsuits under the Planning and Construction Law, and contract and damage claims, with causes of action related to preparation of plans and rezoning of land. Providing counsel to clients on all issues related to planning and construction, including submitting objections and representation before the various Planning and Construction Committees. Providing legal defense in all instances for private clients, local authorities, corporations and officers accused of offenses under the Planning and Construction Law.


Planning and construction laws​

Moshe Goldberg & Co. provides a range of services for analysis and implementation of decisions by the Israel Land Authority, tenders, transactions with state property, legal guidance to kibbutzim in work with the Israel Land Authority.​

Israel Land Authority​

With its proven track record of success, Moshe Goldberg & Co. provides support to Israeli and international clients in the Israeli court system and in local and international arbitration proceedings in all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.


The department also provides a variety of special services to its clients:



In the commercial area - legal and commercial negotiations in complex local and international transactions and special services to resolve commercial and legal crises without legal proceedings.


Planning and construction - the firm has special expertise in registering large-scale complex parcelization plans.


Mediation - providing mediation services to commercial organizations involved in disputes that opt to reach a resolution outside the court system.

Litigation and Solving legal disputes​

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